Team Wellbeing create amazing places for people to work – places where there is a high level of trust, motivation, engagement and performance.  Places where people come to work because they want to not because they have to!


You know that your people are your biggest asset and if you want success, growth and innovation you need to invest in them.

You also know that if you treat your team like you treat your best customers and show them that you value them, they will help you increase the value of your business.

If you meet their needs – they will meet yours. Give them respect and support and you will generate loyalty and advocacy in return.

But as a good business owner/manager, you also know that the best results are achieved when this is approached as an ongoing task and sometimes with some additional support and focus.

Team Wellbeing can help. By working closely with you, we can carry out an assessment of your team, then recommend, create and deliver a bespoke plan of dynamic activities for you, which will meet both individuals’ needs and your business performance goals.

So, if you believe that motivated, busy and happy employees deliver better results and you are interested in finding out how you could increase your revenue, click here to receive a Team Effectiveness Survey to complete. I will share the results and a summary of my recommendations with you free of charge, as an introductory welcome to Team Wellbeing.

Want to know more? Take a look at the Team Wellbeing services we can deliver or read how we have helped other clients.

Make the difference for your business.


“Eva gives everything she does 100% commitment. She is in her element when she is planning and organising or facilitating groups of people in order to bring about business change. She is able to empathise, listen and explain and move skilfully and engagingly to the desired destination. She has excellent communication capabilities and is a highly capable, creative person who thrives on responsibility and can always be relied upon to deliver”

Brian McNamee Utility Change Management and Performance Consultant

“I have just completed a thoroughly useful & thought provoking group of working sessions with Eva. Her approach, bespoke questions & tasks have helped both my thought processes, business approach & new business activities. Highly recommended”.

Marc McGlen, Owner, Prime4Business

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