Client Stories

“My team of 40 employees had just been through a lot of change with a reorganisation and the introduction of new computer systems. Morale was very low and this was having a knock on effect on the level of customer complaints. Eva from Team Wellbeing designed and delivered a creative and fun half day workshop for the team. As a result of the event, the team members now know each other’s skills and strengths and a greater team spirit has been developed with which to face our future challenges”
Manager, NHS, Patient Access Team

“Eva from Team Wellbeing provided some creative and effective ideas to improve the team work and results of various virtual teams operating across Europe. She is effective in both face to face and virtual settings, offering support, encouragement and insight to the leaders of our virtual teams. Many thanks”
Neil Tumber, Global Best Practice Manager, Bunge

“My team had recently gone through a business reorganisation and as a result there was a need for them to reconnect as a team.  Eva from Team Wellbeing designed an event that helped the team get to know each other and start building trust in each other. The activities she used were highly creative and engaging.  She is an excellent facilitator who was able to quickly understand the issues and develop solutions. As a result of the session, my team were more positive and the levels of trust increased between team members”
Manager, Warwick Business

Team Building
Team Building
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