The Engagement Journey – the Secret Ingredient

The journey starts with really understanding your current engagement levels and what, if anything, is causing employee disengagement. More importantly, you need to understand how this is impacting employees and as a result, your business. The rule here is do not assume anything! We may use an Engagement Survey or focus groups/interviews to give some quantifiable information. This information is key to creating the best Engagement Journey for your business.

Once you understand the current position, you can establish targets for where you would like your business to be.

An Engagement Plan of activities can then be created with priority given to those areas which will make the greatest positive difference to your employees.

Finally we can work with you to design the Engagement Solutions which will help you achieve your engagement level aspiration. For example it may have been identified that team members aren’t collaborating or working well together – a Team Building event can be designed to boost morale before, or after, a period of business change.

Or perhaps it has been identified that your team leaders or managers need some additional “people management” skills to increase their effectiveness in the role. Team Wellbeing have the solution  –  a programme of  Team Leader /Management workshops (The G.R.O.W Programme).

Or perhaps one of your team members needs support to increase their performance. As qualified coaches, we can deliver this in to your business.

Whatever the reason, you can be assured that we will create and deliver a bespoke plan of dynamic activities for you, which will meet both individuals’ needs and your business performance goals.

Then the final leg of the engagement journey – delivering the plan. With a well thought through plan you will quickly see the benefits and can measure the success.

Team Wellbeing would love to help you on any aspect of your engagement journey and watch your employees make the positive difference in your business.

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Our Clients Stories will give you an insight into the activities we offer and how we have helped teams to become happier, more effective and more successful – raising engagement levels in their business.

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